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monitoring mechanism to establish a set of public expectations

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Relationship between the environment and the economy can not be bitter Cat Man the beginning of this year, the State Environmental Protection Administration that launched a vigorous 'environmental crisis.' Guangdong this mean? Then there is what action? Recently, the State Environmental Protection Administration Pan Yue, deputy director accepted the newspaper interview - environment and economic relations are not life and Justin Bieber Beats By Dre death January 18 this year, the State Environmental Protection Administration announced an unprecedented tough stance of the Xiluodu hydropower and other 13 provinces and cities in 30 illegal projects, involving a total investment of 117.94 billion yuan. The move drew praise from the media, was named as 'EIA storm' or 'environmental crisis.' February 2, social concern, 'EIA storm' With stage results. Pan Yue, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Administration announced the nationwide 30 projects have been halted rectification long time, in many people's eyes, the EPA is 'vase', 'protecting the environment' is a nice slogan, environmental law is 'tofu Law' EIA is a 'rubber stamp.' But in the 'EIA storm' SEPA finally get tough, however, was also questioned: In the case of existing performance Nike Free 5.0 Homme/Femme concept is also difficult to make a fundamental change, which can persist for how long tough? Next, there will be any big moves it? With these questions, we interviewed Pan Yue, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Administration. There have been media commented that this is a 'middle-aged and fit,' the officials, not only rare politician 'mature' and 'inanimate' and often 'impulsive, good, repeatedly petitioned, stands for sensitive issues, there was a child scholar people plead impulse 'We find out. From the outset not to engage in a public eye of the storm, but want it to be to establish a set of long-term supervision mechanism starting reporter: in 2004, the National Audit Office audit storm set off much attention in the country and the world . This year, the Environmental Protection Administration, Nike Air Max 2013 Homme major efforts to pass strict environmental impact assessment, also caused widespread concern in the community. Do you think this 'storm' eventually will let the public down? Pan: If this is Solo Beats By Dr Dre just a 'storm', the public has reason to be disappointed. Why do you say? Because I feel that we are too accustomed to carry out his way to rectify and reform movements, like the wind, come and go, not only 'the wind had not left marks', but also spawned a 'wind', 'suit', 'sheltered 'and formalism. Frankly, we SEPA this administration, and from the outset not to engage in a public eye of the storm, but want it to be a long-term monitoring mechanism to establish a set of public expectations are high starting point, want to know Can we pass this law to investigate further pollution of large enterprises to solve more pressing environmental problems. Once again, I reiterate, we investigated the main problem is the procedural law, rather than the fact that those who have caused environmental pollution projects. We are trying to prove that, regardless of the size of the project should start construction before the environmental impact assessment, we also tried to prove that the environmental impact assessment Nike Free TR Fit Homme/Femme system is not a dispensable rubber stamp conclusion, I believe that the purpose of the Environmental Impact Assessment Law is not After the business started to solve the environmental pollution caused, but to curb environmental pollution from the source to the project planning. As for pollution caused after start, otherwise we will special laws. If you enable large enterprises to take the lead back to the legal framework continue to seriously implement the scientific concept of development, to unconditionally follow the Nike Free Run Homme/Femme concept of sustainable development, which is a good thing affect China's future development model, the public should not be disappointed reporter: as this ' Storm 'direct supervision, before making this important decision, you own them difficult, complex had what considerations? Pan: Before we made this decision, of course, would have been faced with the thought of what kind of pressure, but it is a decision of non-essential. Because we know the grim situation of China's population, resources and the environment has been to what extent, we know that the central concept of scientific development and to propose how determined under 20 years, many people have misinterpreted Comrade Xiaoping 'development is the last word,' the famous thesis, the development of economic growth alone is equivalent to that economic growth alone can solve the current political and social issues that economic growth alone can solve the problem of population, resources and environmental issues, which is the central idea of 鈥嬧€媡he current misunderstanding of complex domestic and foreign politics based on economic situation clearly put forward the scientific concept of development, most of the central departments comrades accepted concept of sustainable development. However, due Beats By Dre DS610B to the considerable number of cities and places are still in the middle stage of industrialization, to truly understand the scientific concept of development is not enough, it is also not really in place to implement, so the cost to implement the various obstacles we encountered, to pay there is a corresponding increase in a big discussion The enforcement action greatest significance is that it starts people on the country's future development ideas and growth patterns of solemn and serious thought Reporter: Environmental protection is a big thing related to the national economy, it needs long-term efforts of several generations. Do you think a 'Green Storm' to have much effect? Pan: I think the most significant enforcement action that it starts people on Burberry Outlet the country's future development ideas solemn and growth patterns and serious thinking, will lead a discussion of China's future economic development and resource environment. This discussion may bring major changes in our production and lifestyle, but also to build the future of culture will likely have a positive effect ethical system is currently in a selected direction of development of our country is a critical moment, discussions are inevitable, and it is a must, is useful. Whether praised or oppose openly discuss the various pros and cons of the pros and cons will show in front of the public, will help the public understand the Nike Cortez Homme profound meaning of the scientific concept of development, will seek to maximize the social consensus, will make a variety of interest groups in the field of environmental protection to obtain the maximum benefit Reporter: Then there's how the follow-up action? Beats By Dre DS610B Iron and steel, cement and other industries whether the recent EIA? PY: Currently, the environmental impact assessment of steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, petrochemical, transportation and other sectors of the implementation is not satisfactory. The industry should now be on the alert, pay close attention. We hope that the focus of the industry are aware of the EIA system is necessary to achieve sustainable development threshold Reporter: We noticed that you recently published a series of irregularities in the list, as the country's economic powerhouse Guangdong almost did not appear in the 'blacklist 'on. Please briefly talk about the overall impression of Guangdong environmental protection, including the achievements and shortcomings PY: Guangdong adhere to sustainable ideas on implementing the scientific concept of development has been at the forefront of the country. This has become the unanimous assessment of Guangdong. Over the years, you have always attached great importance to environmental protection, Guangdong Province, also attaches great importance to the development of regional watershed evaluation of environmental impact. As far as I understand, a lot of cities in Guangdong have developed environmental priority assessment indicators, I feel very good, but can not be ignored, because of the fast pace of economic development in Guangdong, pollution increasingly important emerging city governance Maybe not keep up the speed of the speed of contamination. So, I suggest that in the future should also pay more attention to the Guangdong environmental issues in development, a win-win environment and the economy. Guangdong in China 20 years ago, was a model of economic reform, and today 20 years later, it should be a model for sustainable development in China. We have high hopes.

nerve of the whole society can be called unusual

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Why is the frequent occurrence of environmental events in an environmental emergencies, Dr Dre urBeats Headphones and emergency personnel are being dispose of contaminated water. Zijin Mining sewage leak, Dalian marine oil pollution, chemical barrels into the Songhua River in Jilin, Qixia District, chemical plant explosion ...... This year, in addition to drought, earthquakes, floods, landslides and other natural disasters, environmental emergencies also play together tenderness of the nerve of the whole society can be called unusual event event. Unlike environmental emergencies pollution incidents, which always occur suddenly, affecting a wide Nike Lebron James Beats By Dre Air Max Trainer 1 Homme range of long duration, disposal difficult. Studio Diamond Headphones Currently, the environmental events that have occurred have been properly disposed of, but there are still many environmental concerns and work hard, people can not help but ask: Why is the frequent occurrence of environmental events? Our country is the high incidence of environmental events upward trend in recent years, an average of less than two days occur together reporters get a set of data from the Center for Environmental Emergency Survey: January to August this year, the ministry received the report and properly dispose of environmental events of 131, only 28 cases occurred in July and August, the total is much higher Beats By Dre Studio MLB than Last year over the same period last year, a total of 171 environmental incidents since the end of December meeting of the national work conference on environmental emergency management, this figure has let participants feel the situation is very grim members of the Group of national environmental emergency, Water Sciences, Beijing Normal University Associate Dean Professor Ding Aizhong also a Statistics: 2004-2009, a total of environmental incidents more than 700, from annual data, the six years of environmental events presented Director Environmental Emergency Research Center forecast and early warning of the rising trend MEP Feng Xiaobo Introduction environmental events can be divided according to their degree of harm particularly significant (large), major, large, generally four grades. The first half of this year, there were four lifting, large environmental emergencies, unchanged from last year and 'the situation is grim, but also in inter-regional, inter-basin incidents increased coordination more difficult; to deepen the impact hazard, toxic and hazardous substances pollution incidents increase , frequently threaten tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of safe drinking water, serious harm to people's health and social stability. 'Feng Xiaobo said Fortunately, due to the timely disposal of these events did not cause serious environmental consequences, however, each disposal people feel thrilling, it also twists and turns in the disposal of Zijin Mining production fluid leakage incident, as companies large area, terrain, emergency personnel can not find the beginning of the outfall to the accident investigation is a big difficulty. Originally, the enterprise in order to avoid environmental regulation, the outfall is located in the underground culvert or flood control. Later, through the site to view, analyze, and finally found illegal sewage outfall of this major environmental risks in Dalian marine oil pollution incident, due to sea breeze wind impact on sea pollution area big, sometimes small, early oil mainly concentrated on the shore, Salvage is relatively easy; later, by the sea breeze and the water flow, oil area gradually spread, and the thin film, the big and difficult to salvage. Late disposal event, a lot of oil into the coastline, into shore sand and soil, digging, Shouzhu, Nike Free Run Homme/Femme cleaning these gravel, soil, Nike Air Max 24-7 Homme recycling absorption felt, have spent a huge human and material resources in the barrels into the Songhua River in Jilin incident, a total of more than 7000 companies only chemical barrels were washed away, while the number initially salvaged chemical barrels and barrels were washed away a large number of gaps, all participating emergency response people feel tremendous pressure. Later, the staff Jilin EPA found that companies around the plant, the Flood of mud, leaving a large number of chemical barrels, then quickly organized forces transferred these dangerous substances, this makes disposal breakthrough. Enormous pressure on the environment of industrialization improper chemical industry layout, caused by high environmental events every environmental events together, there is always the direct cause of the small love to reports, environmental events classified by cause, one caused by industrial accidents, such as Dalian marine oil pollution; the second is caused by accidents, such as the transport of dangerous chemicals, vehicles overturned in the river; Third, enterprises illegal sewage triggered, such as Zijin Mining sewage leak; four is caused by other factors, such as natural disasters cause secondary environmental disasters, Jilin chemical barrels into the river belong to this category. However, even natural disasters triggered, an analysis can not ignore human factors such as environmental management oversight environmental emergency department investigation centers indicate, production safety and traffic accidents are the main cause of environmental events. Situation from the first half of this year, caused by two reasons there are 71 cases, accounting for 60% of the total. From last situation, caused by two reasons there are 115, accounting for 67% of the total based on past experience, the second half of the year to the end of production, distribution and other business activities have become increasingly active, the intensity increased, production safety accidents and accidents There may be increased, coupled with an increase in the end of meetings, managers focus shifted consequent environmental incidents continues to rise. Affected by extreme weather, hazardous chemicals production, management, transportation, storage companies, landfill disposal of large environmental risks of the enterprise, the disposal of hazardous waste storage units, such as tailings. After entering the winter, the air pollution is not easy to spread in some areas coupled with the burning of straw, increasing the likelihood of atmospheric environmental emergencies underlying causes what is it? many environmental events involve chemical companies. Chemical companies waterfront layout, scattered layout, caused by high environmental events 'With the adjustment of international production patterns and heavy chemical industry is shifting from developed countries to China. For consider the interests of economy, the country actively seek Burberry Accessories Nike Air Max 2012 Homme these items fall, and give all sorts of policies and tax support. Currently, chemical industry everywhere, cities along the coast has been the first choice for chemical companies around the layout. 'says Feng Xiaobo have occurred this year in Dafeng, Jiangsu, Sichuan Longchang, Jiahe, Hunan Chenzhou, Hunan, Gansu melon states, Xianning six from lead poisoning. Last year, Hunan, Shaanxi, Fujian, Henan and other places have also six cases of lead contamination incidents. Such heavy metal contamination is the total accumulation of the outbreak of the long-term environmental pollution, the fundamental reason is that some local governments heavy economic growth, environmental protection light of low capacity lack of effective supervision, 'Generally speaking, we Burberry Outlet are in such a period, economic development is very fast, number, size, distribution of industrial enterprises is much greater than in the past, but also with unprecedented pressure on the environment. In the long run, only the practical transformation of economic development mode, adjust the industrial structure, eliminate backward production capacity, in order to reduce the occurrence of environmental events . 'said Ding love.

support and understanding to express my heartfelt thanks

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Environmental protection and ecological civilization press conference [Wang Xiao Yun] also brought several Justice Minister Wu attended the press conference at the same time, I explain: Pollution Prevention and Control Division Zhao Hualin Justice, Environmental Impact Assessment Division Cheng Lifeng Justice, Environmental Monitoring Division Luo Yi Justice, Nature and Ecology Conservation village Cathay Justice. [0315 15:20] [Wang Xiao Yun] Vice Minister Wu Xiaoqing now make a brief speech. [0315 15:21] [Wu Xiaoqing] Thank moderator. Media friends, Hello, everyone. First, on behalf of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China's environmental protection work has long been concerned about all of you reporters, support and understanding to express my heartfelt thanks. My colleagues and I are very pleased to participate in today's press conference and answered reporters' questions friends. Relevant information and background material environmental protection has been issued to you, and the material is also more comprehensive, I will not repeat them. [0315 15:22] [Wu Xiaoqing] we have an opening, there is no longer scripted to read, want more time left to us reporters friends, so here is the first use of a little time now to focus answer a widespread public concern, but also that 'two sessions' on behalf of members of the general concern, a question which we have to Nike Air Max Trainer 1 Homme mention the general reporter friends, is the problem of air pollution caused by the haze. [0315 15:23] [Wu Xiaoqing] I am ready to interpret in two ways: First, what is the deeper reason? Second, how should pay close attention to governance and measures. This year, China's central and eastern regions recurring haze, air pollution is very serious, to the production, transportation and public health industry has brought a greater impact. [0315 15:29] produce surface [Wu Xiaoqing] point of view of these problems affect the external factors have an adverse climatic conditions, but we think the deeper reason is the country's rapid industrialization, urbanization, environmental issues emerging in the process of accumulation, high energy high emissions, heavy pollution, excess capacity, irrational, excessive energy consumption and to continue to strengthen the large coal-dominated energy structure, the rapid growth of the city's vehicle fleet, a substantial increase in pollution emissions, construction sites everywhere, pollution control is not enough, the main air pollution emissions far exceed the total capacity of the environment and Isport Beats By Dre other causes of haze some cities continue to occur, not only in winter, in summer also occur, especially in Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta , frequency and extent of the PRD appears the most serious. [0315 15:30] [Wu Xiaoqing] analysis, in these three regions, although only about 8% of the land area of ​​China's land area, but it consumes 42% of the country's coal, 52 percent of gasoline and diesel, producing 55% of the steel production by 40% cement, emissions are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and soot accounted for 30% of the country, the unit square kilometers of pollutant emissions are more than five times in other regions. Significant emissions of these pollutants, both exacerbated by PM2.5 emissions, more heavy haze formation. Monitoring shows that the days of the annual haze over 100 days in these areas, individual cities or even more than 200 days. [0315 15:30] [Wu Xiaoqing] Thus, we have paid a heavy environmental price for extensive economic development model. If we do not change the economic development model as soon as possible, as quickly as possible without adjusting the industrial structure, does not change our way of life as soon as possible and backward production, in order to reduce haze and improve air quality will be very difficult. Therefore, the current and future periods and we need to do is to take action as soon as possible, to make a difference in terms of air pollution control. To this end, we will spare no effort to do a good job in the following aspects, and some work has been done, some future period needs to pay close attention to do. [0315 15:31] [Wu Xiaoqing] First, continue to implement the second phase of a good national air network construction. Following last year's 74 cities nationwide, 496 monitoring sites built, this year we will be in 116 cities nationwide to build more than 440 countries and air monitoring sites. This is for the people timely, true, accurate understanding of local air quality, and effectively protect their health will play an important role. It also provides a scientific basis for us to control air pollution, more importantly, to provide an effective monitoring tool for local governments determined to control air pollution. [0315 15:34] [Wu Xiaoqing] Here, I have to tell you Beats By Dre Studio Mini that this year we will urge the state-controlled key Pollutant Emission Monitoring Information open the whole society, the preparatory work has been carried out. State control of key enterprises emissions monitoring information public to facilitate public access to comprehensive and timely information on corporate emissions, we will do according to the law department of environmental protection supervisory monitoring work, and accept the supervision of society. This is a job we have to be carried out this year. [0315 15:35] [Wu Steve Jobs Beats By Dre Xiaoqing] Second, we must focus to grasp the air pollution in heavily polluted areas. We clearly understand that, having been taken to implement the air quality standards in this big step, but we are only one small step for air pollution control. We need a punch against heavily polluted areas, with strong medicine, but also playing a combination of boxing, strengthen governance. [0315 15:36] [Wu Xiaoqing] First, the implementation of atmospheric pollutants emission limits in these areas in particular. We have issued a notice on February 27, beginning this year in heavily polluted areas of thermal power, iron and steel, petrochemicals, cement, nonferrous metals, chemicals and other industries to implement the six air pollutants emission limits in particular, this is by far our pollution control a history of the most severe measures. Prior to this, the ministry is only used in the Taihu Lake Basin special emission limits. Special emission limits will be Nike Free TR Fit Homme/Femme strictly controlled amount of air pollutants at the source added, in order to provide effective air pollution Forced means, but also help to speed up industrial restructuring and upgrading of the region. [0315 15:37] [Wu Xiaoqing] Second, in these areas to control the implementation of the total coal consumption. We will follow the 'five' air pollution control planning requirements, together with relevant departments to determine the long-term study of total coal consumption, control objectives, and strictly control the total area of ​​the coal consumption. 'Twelve Five' period to carry out the pilot control the total amount of coal in Beijing, Tianjin and the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Shandong urban agglomerations. [0315 15:38] [Wu Xiaoqing] Third, in these areas to further deepen the motor vehicle pollution control. We have submitted to the State Council approved Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities to advance the implementation of the country four standard, Beijing ahead of the implementation of the country five criteria, we encourage timely Guangzhou, Shanghai and other cities ahead of the implementation of the national emission standards higher. And we would urge other cities in accordance with the requirements of air pollution control planning, accelerate the vehicle pollution. [0315 15:40] [Wu Xiaoqing] Fourth, strengthen regional joint prevention and control of pollution in these areas. We want to establish as soon as possible a unified joint prevention and control mechanism, the law enforcement and regulatory mechanisms, the EIA consultation mechanisms, monitoring mechanisms for information sharing and early warning mechanisms to coordinate the regional air pollution control. We have seen in the newspaper, and cities of this work and actively cooperate fully affirmed. [0315 15:41] [Wu Xiaoqing] Fifth, in these areas to further strengthen the evaluation and supervision of pollution reduction targets. We have clear reduction targets in these areas, in accordance with the 'Twelfth Five Year Plan' in 2015 in key areas of respirable particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, fine particulate matter PM2.5 annual average concentrations decreased by 10% compared to 2010, 10%, 7% and 5%. Among them, Beijing, Tianjin, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta PM2.5 into the evaluation objectives and PM2.5 concentrations in three areas to decline by 6%, and we will work with relevant departments to develop assessment methods, and to carry out the implementation of the supervision and evaluation to ensure that task put in place. It is focused grasping pollution. [0315 15:48] [Wu Xiaoqing] Third, strengthen governance law. Actively promote modify 'Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act'; promoting local people's governments at all levels to accelerate the implementation of air pollution control responsibilities; ensuring environmental protection departments should earnestly perform their duties in place. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, strengthen environmental law enforcement, environmental protection departments fulfill unified supervision in air pollution control, guidance, and coordination role; prominent scientific management. We are now faced with the contaminants and we have a few years ago, in front of a decade of contaminants have been completely different, more complex, we must closely rely on technology management. [0315 15:51] [Wu Xiaoqing] we will soon introduce fine particulate matter pollution control technology policy, and have the whole of society for public comment, will be introduced in the near future. To start the year, air pollution control technology research, focusing on China's national conditions of air pollution control policies and technical systems technicians nationwide organization. We adhere to the 'going out', 'Please come' approach, to strengthen international cooperation and exchanges, and actively learn from the successful experience of foreign countries to promote the governance of air pollution. [0315 15:54] [Wu Xiaoqing] We want to promote universal governance, reduce emissions is everyone's responsibility, this responsibility first and foremost responsibility, corporate responsibility of government, but also the responsibility of each of our citizens. We, Burberry Outlet as the environmental protection department will do publicity, science and guidance, guide the whole community to raise environmental awareness, while strengthening the positive interaction, play Nike Air Max 24-7 Femme a role as a bridge to encourage the whole community to actively participate in air pollution control. [0315 15:55] [Wu Xiaoqing] said one thousand ten thousand, the key is to do a good job of these measures, but also to put in place. Our environmental law department will earnestly fulfill their responsibilities, ask others to do first of all do ourselves. Such an understanding eventually, the sky is an important indicator of the construction of 'Beautiful China', as long as we work together to do solid work, do it with confidence, determined to buckle down, full of patience to strive and work hard, we will be able to win the atmosphere battle pollution and improving air quality, but also the people of a blue sky. Thank you. [0315 15:56] [Wang Xiao Yun] Thank you Minister Wu, start asking questions below. [0315 15:57] During [Farmer's Daily and the China Agricultural News Network reporter] NPC session this year, we interviewed a representative of the cleaning staff, she said to me, out of work in 2015 from the rural areas, for cleaning the city, working for eight years, often returned home to see no improvement in their living environment, she is not too happy, I think this is a lot of common feelings of farmers, ask in environmental protection in rural areas, such as waste disposal and sewage treatment, what specific environmental department we measures? Thank you. [0315 15:58] [Wu Xiaoqing] In recent years, the state has increased rural environmental protection and pollution control efforts, have made positive progress. Since 2008 the country implemented a 'prize to promote governance', 'Yijiangdaibu' rural environmental policy, the central government accumulated arrange special funds for environmental protection in rural areas reached 13.5 billion yuan to support 26,000 administrative villages and carry out comprehensive rural environment ecological demonstration building, a large number of outstanding environmental problems in rural areas has been effectively resolved, more than 5700 million rural people benefit directly. [0315 16:00] [Wu Xiaoqing] However, the current situation of China's rural environmental pollution is still grim, rural environmental protection arduous task, the next step we will earnestly implement the central and the State Council on environmental decision-making arrangements, joint national authorities to further strengthen the rural environmental Beats By Dre Studio NFL protection and pollution control in rural areas work to ensure that by 2015 completed a total of 60,000 rural environment formed the village's comprehensive remediation tasks. [0315 16:00] [Wu Xiaoqing] just told reporters that the combination of rural environmental focus to do the work of several aspects: First, vigorously promote the rural focus contiguous remediation, through in-depth implementation of the 'Award to promote governance', 'Yijiangdaibu' policy , to protect the safety of drinking water in rural areas, to speed up rural sewage treatment, garbage and other prominent environmental issues. Second, to further improve the working mechanism to implement Ferrari Beats By Dre the goals and tasks determined by the state to carry out the responsibility of the assessment objectives rural environment, the implementation of local government in rural environmental responsibility. [0315 16:03] [Wu Xiaoqing] Third, in rural areas of special environmental enforcement actions, regulatory capacity building to promote grass-roots level, with the relevant departments to continue to protect drinking water sources in rural areas, straw burning and other special law enforcement inspection, environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring and environmental advocacy extends to rural areas actively promote the construction of rural environmental protection team, reduce environmental pollution in rural areas. Maserati Beats By Dre [0315 16:03] [China Radio International and the International Online reporter] then just continue to haze Minister Wu topic questions relevant time had been released haze governance can take up to 18 years. What is the scientific basis for this period? Future relevant environmental assessment criteria included in the index whether officials? Thank you. [0315 16:04] [Wu Xiaoqing] cities air pollution is a problem, London, Los Angeles and other cities have also been subjected to severe air pollution problems, through hard work was able to basically solved. [0315 16:11]

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